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Join Ajna as she battles through forgotten temples in search of her tapir, Roti!

This is an actual NES ROM demaking the Indivisible Prototype by Lab Zero Games. This is a fan game. It is not sponsored by 505 Games or Lab Zero Games. To find news about the game this is based on, visit: https://web.archive.org/web/20210623212510/https://indivisiblegame.com/

To support the original game, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indivisible-rpg-from-the-creators-of-skullgir...

This game requires an NES emulator. If you're new to emulation, details for getting set up are included in the download.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/kasumidirect

Support me (Potentially inactive on release day):

A devlog of sorts: https://skullheart.com/threads/indivisible-on-nes-playable-rom-inside-image-heavy.8488/


Indivisible Release Pack.zip 97 kB

Install instructions

This game requires an NES emulator. If you're new to emulation, details for getting set up are included in the download.


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The link to the indivisible game page is wrong, the linked site isn't the site of the Lab Zero Studios: https://labzerogames.com/

Thanks! It just changed in the years since this was released. It definitely used to be related to the game: https://web.archive.org/web/20210623212510/https://indivisiblegame.com/
I guess I'll link the archive and fix the devlog link too.


o jogo já foi lançado? os vídeo que vejo são todos curtos nunca mostra nada novo

It's released. It's short. It was based on the Indivisible Indiegogo prototype, and not the full game of Indivisible, released after this was done. It has only the content from that prototype. I would rather do an original project than make a really long fan game

tiene todo para ser uno de los mejores Homebrews de la historia pero si tan solo  tuviera mas niveles y jefes e historia!! enserio pagaria  lo que sea por ver eso realidad

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very nice game, adds save game support, I think the boss is very difficult, I hope he has difficulty options, I lost about 30 at the boss


There are no difficulty settings. This game is pretty unlikely to be updated, but that boss is more or less the end of the game anyway. The boss is a doozy, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing!

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I was playing right now and I even thought that this boss would be the last one because I still haven't been able to defeat him, I realize that it's not just the difficult boss that prevents defeating, but the jump that is kind of stuck, I'll explain, when jumping and realizing that I'm going to lean on the boss I try to prevent it moving backwards but the jump looks similar to castlevania Nes, it could improve to be more similar to modern games, when jumping I can control the jump back in the air, something else could add continue from the middle of the level , when I took the ax I realized that it is possible to get stuck on the wall to climb in some places and I ask you to improve this because sometimes we can't get the ax to work and if we need to climb somewhere that has a drop there we can lose, I also noticed that it is a demake and that the original game has scenes in the forest, focus on that too, it will be much better, and finally you need to have an item to recover your life, other than that it's very beautiful, it looks like a 16bit game, congratulations to all the team involved in the

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This ROM is based on this Prototype:

The ROM contains nearly every area in that prototype, though without collapsible floors. (One small room is also not in to make one path have one fewer step.) The ROM was released in September 2017. The full game with the scenes you mention came out in October of 2019, a full two years after this ROM. To get the axe to stick, you have to hold the button down for about a quarter of a second, not press and release it. There's not really a team, I did all the art, music, and programming (sans the music library and very small snippets) for this game alone, though I did have a few testers.  It is unlikely to be updated, and it represents the game that was available when it was released. A demake of the full game would be a much different project.

congratulations for the work, I thought it was a team of at least 5 people, but will you be able to improve the jump leaving SMW style? another thing when you use the ax and we try to jump, it only jumps after the animation ends, this prevents it from escaping from the boss's attacks

This is unlikely to be updated. If you are cornered by the boss, wall jumping over him is better than using the axe


Is it weird to prefer this demake over the original? haha


What Mapper did you use for this?

MMC3. Fine CHR bank switching is extremely helpful for all the animation.


I tested it on the NES Classic, it works perfectly.

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OMG this was a gem to play! well done. Took me awhile, but eventually I beat the boss, and boy was it satisfying!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Game style like.

By the way - with my comment i mean Kasumi`s NES-version of the game. The video shows a completely other version of the game, which i haven`t played until now.


Very good Jump and Run Game. Nice graphics, great playability, good sound. Superb !!!

Hey, thanks! And sorry for the late reply, itch seems to have not notified me of a new comment!

Indivisible is the 3rd game we review. Please Enjoy!

I may be the wrong person to share this with. I just made the NES version as a fan game. I'm not affiliated with the team who made the versions you reviewed.


This was so damn fun!!! Love the old school platforming and the genuine challenge it presented as you can tell in our video 😂😂😂


Yo, cool video! The backstory is a bit mixed up though. This is based on a modern game you can download free here: http://www.indivisiblegame.com/download/

But I made basically 100% of the NES version from scratch recently all by myself, it's not a hack of an unreleased game from back in the day. It's definitely worth trying the modern game its based on just to compare the two.

And to answer your question from the video, it does indeed work on an actual NES! Thanks for playing and making a video!


We realize the story was wrong now XD we will fix the story in the description!

And you did an awesome job at it btw! We had genuine fun playing it! Keep it up! We will definitely check out the original 3D version.

Awesome that it works on an actual NES thats real cool and no problem thansk for making it!